Lunes de Moda: «Tenidas» inspiradas en videojuegos

Amanda McGinnis@LadySnip3r, como la conocen en internet, es una fanática de los videojuegos y de la moda. Se destaca por escribir en el blog de juegos Assassionista, por ser una cosplayer y por haberse dado el tiempo de generar combinaciones de prendas en POLYVORE, muy usables y fashion, inspiradas en los personajes de videojuegos más estilosos en su tumblr: De la consola al Clóset (console to closet).

«Los videojuegos tienen una alta calidad estética, ya sea gráficos detallados, entornos complejos o caracteres estilizados. Y la moda comparte esta cualidad. Fue así que nació, de la consola al closetPuedo crear trajes inspirados en mis personajes favoritos de videojuegos, objetos y lugares».

Lo que más nos gustó de sus propuestas, es que son combinaciones muy usables, no son un cosplay ni tratan de parecerse a los personajes citados, solo toma los elementos fundamentales de cada personaje creando un outfit que cualquier persona puede usar en el día a día. Es muy interesante como une lo geek con lo chic. +1 para Amanda:

Majora’s Mask (Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask) by ladysnip3r featuring zipper jeans This outfit is inspired by Majora’s Mask from the Legend of Zelda game. I chose a dark purple top paired with dark jeans. I also added tribal looking accessories that mimic the style of the mask. Lastly, bright accessories imitate the colorful mask. (Reference Image) Zipper jeans / Shoe Republic sparkly heels / Oasis leather shoulder bag, $38 / Madewell yellow gold bangle / Spike jewelry / Spike jewelry, $14

Mascara Majora del juego Legend of Zelda.  (imagen de referencia)

Alduin (Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) by ladysnip3r featuring python handbags This outfit is inspired by Alduin of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I chose a black cocktail dress with tons of textures that imitate his scale-y exterior. I also chose dark grey accessories that compliment the dress’s texture. Lastly, I chose silver hoop earrings with a tooth on each which reminds me of dragon’s teeth. (Reference Image) Chiffon dress / MICHAEL Michael Kors black sandals / Mango python handbag, $70 / House of Harlow 1960 stacking bangle / Noemi Klein sterling silver butterfly earrings, $105

Inspirado en Alduin de Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  (imagen de referencia)

Connor (Assassin’s Creed 3) by ladysnip3r featuring striped tops This outfit is our second and last Fourth of July “special” and is inspired by Connor of Assassin’s Creed 3. I chose a light grey color palette with khaki shorts and a white polo. I also added a light hoodie, perfect for late night fireworks - The hood element mimics Connor’s assassin outfit. I also chose dark brown leather accessories and a wood iPhone case to complete the outfit. (Reference Image) Splendid striped top / Vintage belt, $31 / Banana Republic Luxe Touch Framed Polo / Jack Spade Woody iPhone Cover / Ettika Men’s Silver Colored Brown Braided Deerskin Leather Wrap…

Connor de Assassin’s Creed 3(Imagen de referencia)

Duke Nukem by ladysnip3r featuring bangle jewelry This outfit is the first of our Fourth of July outfits! We’ll have a guy outfit later this evening inspired by another proud American character. I chose a red shirt and paired it with ripped denim shorts for a cute summer look. I also chose some patriotic converse sneakers and a red and white striped bag to add a little extra to the “American” flair. When doing bold accessories like this, it’s best to keep it to a minimum so the outfit doesn’t end up looking too theme-y. Finally, I added gold accessories to dress up the outfit a little bit. (Reference Image) Top, $37 / Vintage shorts / Levi Strauss & Co printed canvas tote bag / Miso bangle jewelry, $7.83 / Gorjana 18k jewelry / MICHAEL Michael Kors metal sunglasses

DUKE NUKEM (imagen de referecnia)

Theresa (Fable 2) by ladysnip3r featuring coin earrings This outfit is inspired by Theresa of Fable 2. I chose to pair a burgundy skirt with a detailed crop top because it mimics the layering and colors of her in-game robe. I also chose dark burgundy leather accessories and coin jewelry that imitate hers. This outfit is pretty versatile and could be worn for the office or date night. (Reference Image) Cotton shirt / Burgundy skirt / Big Buddha  handbag / LowLuv 14k jewelry / Jigsaw set of bangle, $61 / Hive & Honey coin earrings

Theresa de Fable 2. (imagen de referencia)

Hawke (Dragon Age 2) by ladysnip3r featuring embroidered jeans This outfit is inspired by (mage) Hawke of Dragon Age 2. I chose to do an outfit that is casual, but super cool looking. I paired a brown sheer button up layered with a slouchy grey sweater because I think it draws attention to your neck/shoulders which is exactly what Hawke’s armor does. I also chose brown accessories like the belt, brown, and bag. Lastly, I picked some silver chain-mail looking jewelry to match Hawke’s armor. (Reference Image) Sleeveless shirt, $64Uniqlo vneck shirt, £20Hollister Co. embroidered jeans, $50Ankle booties, $50Black Poppy satchel bag, $30Triangle jewelry, $25FOSSIL wide belt, $35

Hawke de Dragon Age 2.  (imagen de referencia)

Rei Kurosawa (Fatal Frame) by ladysnip3r featuring chino pants This outfit is another request for a game that I’ve never played, but after looking it up - it looks super sweet! I will definitely be buying this game. This outfit is inspired by Rei of Fatal Frame. I chose to do a trendy summer take on her in-game outfit by focusing on her cardigan and cropped pants. I chose a pair of cute skinny pants that can easily be converted into crop pants by cuffing it (this is also a popular trend right now). I chose to do a sweater in a similar color to hers and a feminine tank top. I also chose a camera necklace that hints at her career as a photographer (I wiki’d). Lastly, I chose light shoes and a matching bag that compliments the outfit. (Reference Image) Kew 159 vintage top, £45Hollister Co. chino pants, $50ASOS peep toe shoes, $25Warehouse soft leather handbag, $64Ed hardy jewelry, $74Gathering Eye necklace, $15
Rei de Fatal Frame.  (imagen de referencia)
Hope (Final Fantasy XIII) by ladysnip3r featuring a line tops This outfit is inspired by Hope of Final Fantasy XIII. I chose to keep the outfit relatively simple because of the crazy color palette. I paired a dark green skirt with a grey tank top and an orange cardigan to imitate his outfit. I also chose accessories that complimented the color scheme and add similar shapes to his in-game outfit. (Reference Image) Feel The Piece a line top, £55Steve madden wedge, $67ASOS leather satchel, $75Old Navy bracelet, $8Tribal earrings, $6.50Pieces tube scarve, €13
Hope de Final Fantasy XIII(imagen de referencia)
Hanar (Mass Effect) by ladysnip3r featuring vintage jewelry In honor of the Mass Effect Extended Cut coming out yesterday, I decided to do a Hanar-inspired outfit suitable for hitting the clubs on the Citadel with Blasto. This outfit is inspired by the Hanar of Mass Effect. I chose to do a pink high-low dress because I believe it reflects their height and tentacles in a stylish way, plus it’s super trendy. I paired it with silver jewelry and black “spacey” accessories (Aren’t those heels cool?). (Reference Image) AX Paris ruched dress, £35Wedge sandals, $62Dorothy Perkins clutch handbag, $35House of Harlow 1960 stackable jewelry, $89Stella Dot vintage jewelry, $59
Hanar de Mass Effect. (imagen de referencia)
Juliet Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw) by ladysnip3r featuring silvertone jewelry This outfit is inspired by Juliet Starling of Lollipop Chainsaw. I chose do a school girl styled outfit that reflects her character. I chose a blue pleated skirt paired with a white button up tank top. I paired that with red flats and a matching belt, that mimic her in-game outfit and a purple purse that mirrors her uniform. I also chose a simple watch with a light pink face that matches her hair scrunchies. Lastly, I chose chainsaw earring studs that look super cool - I totally want them :P (Reference Image) Dolce vita flat, $80Purple tote, $80Dominic Jones butterfly earrings, $125Timex silvertone jewelry, $45Zenggi skinny belt, €35
Juliet Starling de Lollipop Chainsaw(imagen de referencia)
Rinoa (Final Fantasy) by ladysnip3r featuring cat eye sunglasses This outfit is inspired by Rinoa of Final Fantasy. I chose to layer a summer dress with a cropped denim tank. Tie the front of the shirt to create a cute summer looks. I also chose wedges and a matching clutch that imitates her in-game outfit. (Reference Image) Firetrap dress, £39H M sleeveless shirt, £15H&M platform heels, £30Coccinelle wallet, $87Dogeared Jewels Gifts pendant necklace, $68Cuff bangle, $38Vince Camuto cat eye sunglasses, $65
Rinoa de Final Fantasy. (imagen de referencia)
Yoshi (Mario Games) by ladysnip3r featuring floral jewelry This outfit is inspired by Yoshi of the Mario games. I chose to use his palette of green and yellow, adding in some contrast with a blue necklace and patterned shoes. I wanted to do something summer-y and casual, because that’s what Mario games are to me. I chose a necklace that is shaped like an egg to reflect Yoshi’s uh, weapon (I’m sure that isn’t the best word for it). (Reference Image) T Bags sleeveless cotton shirt, $79Bright jeans, €90Nine west wedge, $89Warehouse oversized handbag, $32Brown jewelry, $32Forever 21 wood bangle, $5.801928 gold necklace, $25Pieces floral jewelry, $122b fedora hat, $13
Yoshi de the Mario games(imagen de referencia)
Katarina (League of Legends) by ladysnip3r featuring a racerback shirt This outfit is inspired by my own personal favorite LoL character Katarina. I chose to make a biker looking outfit by pairing a hot pink top (that matches her hair) with black leather-looking pants. I also chose a necklace that mimics her belt and weapons, and a studded bracelet to match this outfit’s biker chic style. Lastly, I found the coolest Doc Martens - I think I mentioned on here before, my absolute love of Docs and the fact that these have studs on them makes them possibly the coolest boots ever. (Reference Image) H M racerback shirt, £13Legging, $80Armani Exchange silver clutch, $98Stella Dot chain jewelry, $69Floral ring, $88
Katarina de League of Legends. (imagen de referencia)
Jack (Mass Effect 3) by ladysnip3r featuring black chain jewelry This outfit is inspired by Subject Zero or Jack from Mass Effect 3. I chose to do an outfit similar to her’s in game, with dark cargo pants, white top, and black jacket. I also chose black accessories with a biker feel and her signature dark red lipstick. (Reference Image) BB Dakota beige shirt, $28Top, £30Vest, $65Black booties, $35Black clutch, $100LK Designs black chain jewelry, €97BCBG Max Azria chain jewelry, $88Tom Ford lip makeup, $48
Jack de Mass Effect 3(imagen de referencia)
Excella Gionne (Resident Evil 5) by ladysnip3r featuring set of bangles This outfit is inspired by the sexy, creepy Excella Gionne from Resident Evil 5. I chose to do a dress with a deep neckline, just like hers. Now just a bit of a warning, you shouldn’t wear this style of dress if you’re very busty in the chest. If you do have a bigger chest, pair it with a lacy cami. I also chose gold accessories that mimic hers and a super creepy, but cool, necklace that has sewing needles on it. I know sewing has nothing to do with zombies, but I think it gives the outfit that creepy factor. (Reference Image) Dorothy Perkins tea dress, $55Aspinal of London gold handbag, £35House of Harlow 1960 set of bangle, $109
Excella Gionne de Resident Evil 5(imagen de referencia)
E3 Special Outfit by ladysnip3r featuring boyfriend fit jeans This outfit is a little different than our usual “inspired” outfits. I chose to create an outfit that is not only inspired by the E3 logo, but what I would wear if I was going. For those of you who don’t know what E3 is, it’s an annual video game conference where the biggest gaming companies unveil their newest games, consoles, and announcements. It’s a really big deal in the gaming industry and it’s one of my biggest dreams to one day go. I chose do focus on the palette of the logo by choosing a red blazer paired with a striped yellow shirt. I chose to do all of the accessories in black to contract the red and yellow. I also chose a small cross body purse because I find a small purse is way easier to wear at a convention - that way your hands are free to play some games or snap pictures. I also chose probably not the most comfortable, but definitely the cutest shoes - if wedges aren’t your thing, this outfit would be really cute with black flats. Lastly, I chose a grenade necklace because I think E3 is one of the only places where that sort of thing would be acceptable. (Reference Image) J Crew slim fit t shirt, $45AllSaints boyfriend fit jeans, $65Crown Vintage platform heels, $50Long black necklace, $7.17
White Mage (Final Fantasy) by ladysnip3r featuring flat shoes This outfit is inspired by the White Mage of Final Fantasy. I chose to do a white dress to imitate the Mage’s robes, along with a bright red cardigan. I also chose flame earrings because I think they look similar to the pattern on the Mage’s robes. I paired this outfit with some quirky, whimsical accessories to add that sense of magic. This outfit could be really cute for hanging out, work, or even a date. (Reference Image) Topshop button front dress, $80J Crew knit top, $62Betsey Johnson flat shoes, $80FOSSIL crossbody bag, $85Betsey Johnson gold watch, $69Elastic belt, $20

Mago blanco de Final Fantasy(imagen de referencia)

Claire Redfield (Resident Evil 2) by ladysnip3r featuring metal jewelry This outfit is inspired by Claire Redfield of Resident Evil 2. My first thought when making this outfit was that I wanted to just a black romper with a pink jacket of some sort. That quickly evolved into a night look that has a hint of 80s, but is still modern and chic. I chose a black romper paired with a hot pink blazer to mimic her black dress (?) and pink vest. I also chose lighter brown boots and clutch that mimic the details on her outfit. Lastly, I chose gold accessories that really add to the 80’s look and a super cool gun ring, perfect for taking on zombies. This outfit looks awesome for a night out. (Reference Image) Oasis summer jacket, $90Wolford opaque tight, $53Monki jumpsuits and romper, €25MICHAEL Michael Kors platform wedge booties, $99Clutch handbag, $74Antique gold necklace, $50ALDO metal jewelry, $12Dorothy Perkins belt, $21

Claire Redfield de Resident Evil 2. (imagen de referencia)

 Ivy (Soul Calibur) by ladysnip3r featuring a chain bracelet This outfit is inspired by Ivy from the Soul Calibur Series. I chose to focus on her outfit’s palette and intricacy. I paired a super cute dress with a white blazer for a chic look that could be worn for work or going out. I also chose lots of gold accessories that match the details on her outfit. (Reference Image) Bl nk London party dress, £154DV by Dolce Vita metallic sandals, $69Elie Tahari drop earrings, $35Nordstrom jewelry, $22ASOS chain bracelet, $14
Ivy de the Soul Calibur Series(imagen de referencia)
Leliana (Dragon Age) by ladysnip3r featuring feather hair accessories This outfit is inspired by Leliana of Dragon Age. I absolutely fell in love with this top and decided to base most of the outfit around it. It’s got a super flattering cut, great color (that matches Leliana’s armor), and a cute pattern. I chose feather-looking earrings and a feather ponytail holder. I also chose brown leather accessories to mimic her in-game outfit’s palette. (Reference Image) Beach dress, £64Steve Madden checkered shoes, $100Jigsaw genuine leather handbag, £89Mood jewelry, £15AllSaints flat earrings, $65Miss Selfridge feather hair accessory, $13
Leliana de Dragon Age(iamgen de referencia)
Rikku (Final Fantasy) by ladysnip3r featuring an opaque hosiery This outfit is inspired by Rikku of Final Fantasy. I chose to do a more modest approach to her outfit, because well, not everyone is comfortable wearing a bikini all the time. Instead of showing so much skin, I thought shorts and tights would be a cool alternative that’s comfortable and stylish. I chose a bright yellow top, with a really intricate lace pattern on it (It reminds me of her ruffle sleeves). Since the top is so busy, I made sure to keep the other accessories simple. Instead of a headband, I chose to do blue stud earrings and simple rings. (Reference Image) Warehouse lace blouse, £45DKNY opaque hosiery, $15Diba knee high slouch boots, $70Calvin Klein crossbody handbag, $98Astley Clarke flower jewelry, $95Wet Seal hammered jewelry, $7.50 Limbo by ladysnip3r featuring fossil handbags This outfit is inspired by the game Limbo. I chose to do an outfit inspired by the creepy, black and white style of Limbo. I chose a strictly black and white palette to match the game’s style and added childish cuts and accessories. I also chose spider earrings to mimic the terrifying spider in the game. (Reference Image) Black lace dress, $60Garter stocking, $12High heel boots, $38Fossil handbag, $141Silver jewelry, $15 Sora (Kingdom Hearts) by ladysnip3r featuring highwaisted shorts This outfit is inspired by Sora of Kingdom Hearts. I chose to do a nautical and preppy approach to this outfit because I think it balances the whimsical elements. I added a key pendent to mimic his keyblade (I think you can actually buy a jewelry replica of his key, which would be really cool in this sort of outfit). I also added a mickey mouse ring to add that sense of Disney. (Reference Image) H M striped top, £13Lipsy highwaisted shorts, £35Jessica Simpson platform heels, $98Disney Couture yellow gold jewelry, £30Blue Nile sterling silver jewelry, $83Hair accessory, $35
Pueden ver muuuuuuuuuchas más en para seguir inspirándose.
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